In the News - 2022

New Colorado senate president chosen to replace Pueblo's Leroy Garcia

The Pueblo Chieftain - February 9

With Senator Garcia announcing his resignation from his Senate seat to accept his new position of Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs within the Department of Defense at the Pentagon, he leaves one last piece of advice for the Senate as they move forward with the transition “This dynamic and diverse leadership team has the experience and vision necessary to lead this caucus with dignity and honor, and I know they have what it takes to get the job done and move Colorado forward."


Leroy Garcia, president of the Colorado Senate, resigning to take Pentagon job

The Denver Post - February 3

On February 3, Senate President Leroy Garcia announced his resignation from the Colorado General Assembly to accept a new position of Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs within the Department of Defense at the Pentagon.


President Garcia solemnly addressed this shift, saying "For nearly a decade, I have had the immense honor to represent the People of Pueblo at the Colorado State Capitol, and the privilege to serve as Senate President since 2019. I am incredibly grateful that my community and my colleagues entrusted me with this responsibility, and I have been humbled by the opportunity to serve the state I love. While my time in the Senate is coming to a close, I am proud of all that we’ve accomplished together to move Colorado forward, and I am confident that whomever is selected to fill these vacancies will serve with the integrity and tenacity that Coloradans deserve.”


Democrat seeks measure to get rid of constitutional rule of 'reading the bill at length'


Colorado Politics - January 31


When it comes to HCR22-1002, which would would ask voters to end the constitutional requirement to read bills at length, Senate President Leroy Garcia admitted he keeps a copy of HB 19-1172, Title 12 Recodification and Reorganization, on his desk, a reminder that "I've always carried those values, that we work together," and that the Colorado Legislature has “this collegiality that needs to exist, so it doesn't become so political.”

Colorado General Assembly kicks off 2022 session

KRDO - January 12


In his final Opening Day Speech, Senate President Leroy Garcia emphasized Colorado's resilience, stating "Coloradans are united in their vision for Colorado's future. Many Coloradans simply want "a safe reliable place to lay their head ... a stable income for their family ... a life free of violence and discrimination."

Legislative leaders set agenda, priorities for 2022 session

Colorado Politics - January 7 


When asked to discuss Senate Democratic priorities in 2022, Senate President Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) touched on funding for behavioral health, affordable housing, criminal justice, and veterans affairs. He noted that "he’s not under any false illusion the work ahead will not be difficult," but that, "there are things to be excited about." 


COVER STORY | Hot Topics of the 2022 General Assembly

Colorado Politics - January 1 


Senate President Leroy Garcia was firm in his belief that the 2022 session will be held safely, stating "We feel that, with sufficient safety protocols in place, the session can proceed safely at this time. We will continue monitoring the situation, and always prioritize the health of our members, the public, and our hardworking staff while ensuring the people of Colorado can continue to participate in the legislative process."