In the News - 2021

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia of Pueblo receives the first of two Moderna vaccinations for Covid-19

Colorado Politics - January 19th 2021

“We’re all seeing communities where [the effect of the pandemic] is being shaped differently,” [President Garcia] told Colorado Politics recently. While there’s good news on the horizon with the distribution of vaccines, “it doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet.”

Leroy Garcia Tabbed for National Conference of State Legislatures Post

Pueblo Cheftain - January 14th 2021

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia Jr., a Democrat representing Colorado Senate District 3, has been named the immediate past president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, a bipartisan organization that seeks to support state legislatures and foster interstate cooperation.

Colorado congressional delegation’s reaction to violence in Washington, D.C.

Denver Post - January 6th 2021

Senate President Leroy Garcia, House Speaker-designate Alec Garnett, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, and House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar today released the following joint statement condemning the violent assault on the US Capitol and attack on American Democracy:  “American democracy is under attack. Nothing short of a siege is raining down on Congress, incited by a president who has refused to give up power after a free and fair election and enabled by those willing to turn a blind eye as our foundational principles are trampled.

Colorado’s 13-member Democratic Latino Caucus has big plans for 2021

Colorado Newsline - January 5th 2021

Latinos now hold two of the six top leadership positions in the Colorado House and Senate. Gonzales-Gutierrez was recently elected by her fellow Democrats to serve as assistant majority leader in the House, while state Sen. Leroy Garcia of Pueblo was reelected to his position as Senate President.

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