In the News - 2016

Garcia, Feamster champion Leader in Me program

Pueblo Chieftain - November 19, 2016


Students at Sunset Park Elementary School explain one of the “7 Habit Principles.” 

The school’s administrators and teachers hosted a fun-filled and lively assembly Friday to demonstrate the leadership and life skills that their students have been learning through The Leader in Me program.

Garcia spoke about the “third habit,” which is to put first things first.

The lawmaker and former U.S. Marine asked students what was most important to them. He told students to put others first and also to put homework first.

“Ask yourself throughout the day if you are leading by example in your school life and at home,” Garcia said.


Garcia recognized for EMT work

Pueblo Chieftain - April 22, 2016 


State Sen. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo, recently was recognized for his advocacy by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians in Washington, D.C.

Garcia participated in a bill to create a community program that would train paramedics and EMTs to provide out-of-hospital services by filling gaps and meeting the health care needs of the community;

“It is truly humbling to be recognized by the NAEMT through this award,” Garcia said. “Our emergency medical service providers are there for us when we are often in our most dire hours, and they deserve our support at every level of government. As a paramedic myself, I am proud to know I can make a difference in Coloradans lives.”

NAEMT Announces 2016 EMS Advocate of the Year Award Recipients

EMS World - April 20, 2016 


The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) announced the 2016 recipients of the EMS Advocate of the Year Award. Mark Babson (Idaho) & Leroy Garcia (Colorado)

Garcia works as a paramedic for American Medical Response and is the state Senator for District 3. He has used his awareness of the challenges in EMS to become a champion of EMS issues in the state legislature. 

This year, he is sponsoring a bill to create the community paramedic certification and community integrated healthcare agencies in Colorado, and a bill that enhances and streamlines the certification of emergency medical responders.

Effort Underway To Name VA Clinic After Dunn

Pueblo Chieftain - April 15, 2016 


The United Veterans Committee of Colorado has delivered a letter to Congress recommending the new U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical clinic in Pueblo be named after (James) Dunn, based on the recommendations of a naming committee led by state Sen. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo.

Garcia said Dunn’s bravery and courage under fire perfectly symbolize the resilient spirit of Pueblo.

“For me, it’s great that a Puebloan was chosen by unanimous decision. Mr. Dunn stands out above all. His criteria was exemplary.”

Dunn died July 5, 2000, in Pueblo after a brief illness. He was 78 years old, and among his many accomplishments was more than 10 years of service as a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Economic Development Bill Advances

Pueblo Chieftain- March 9, 2016 


Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee unanimously advanced a bill that would free Pueblo West and other metro districts from restrictions from pursuing economic development projects.

“Too often, Pueblo West is at a disadvantage in attracting business to invest in the area,” State Senator and bill sponsor Leroy Garcia said Tuesday. “This legislation is a small, but important step that removes a barrier to business development and ultimately helps level the playing field for Pueblo West.”

The bill passed the House on Feb. 2. The whole Senate could vote on the bill this week. 

Keep Colorado State Patrol office here
Pueblo Chieftain - March 1, 2016


The General Assembly quickly must find funding to keep the regional office of the Colorado State Patrol in Pueblo.

“If we cannot secure the CSP here, where will it go?” asks state Sen. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo, who sponsored SB109 along with Sens. John Cook, R-Weld County, and Nancy Todd, D-Aurora. State Rep. Daneya Esgar, DPueblo, sponsored the legislation in House.

Currently, CDOT is about to acquire a Pueblo-area property on which to build its facility, Garcia said, adding that CDOT is a large operation with much more resources and therefore more economic flexibility than the CSP

AG: hospital fees can be enterprise; money helps hospitals with Medicaid, indigent care
Pueblo Chieftain - February 29, 2016


Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman on Monday said that creating an enterprise designation for the hospital provider fee is constitutional. The program, which raised $1 billion in 2014-15, can be exempted from the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights computations without violating the amendment. 

“I am very pleased that the attorney general — our state’s foremost legal authority — took the time to come out with a thoughtful, formal opinion that shows we have a constitutional means to pass a balanced budget that supports issues Coloradans care about, like our classrooms and our bridges and roads,” said state Sen. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo.

D60 needs money to improve aging schools
KRDO - February 15, 2016


Almost every school in the Pueblo City School District is more than four decades old.

A few of the problems for most of the schools are they need their ceilings replaced, ventilation systems need to be installed, and the district has high utilities bills because of the old systems at the schools

Sen. Leroy Garcia said he wants to work with the district to get more money to improve schools. He said capital money is regularly allocated for the type of purposes D60 is facing. Garcia said lawmakers are in the process of drafting a bill this year to decide how to spend at least $40 million from the marijuana taxes designated for school construction.

Paramedic home care bill moving in state Senate
Pueblo Chieftain - January 30, 2016


A proposed state law to let paramedics and ambulance companies provide some in-home health care services was passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee this week on a unanimous vote. 

“As a trained paramedic myself, I have seen time and time again instances where patients in my region could have been saved a trip to the hospital if they had the option for a medical professional to come to them and provide care in their homes,” Garcia said.