In the News - 2010

Local vets view repeal with praise, caution and indifference
Pueblo Chieftain - Dec 23, 2010

Local veterans of the Iraq War reacted with support, caution and indifference to the news Wednesday that President Barack Obama had signed legislation to eliminate the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy [...] City Councilman Leroy Garcia, a former Marine who served in Iraq in 2003, said he was glad the policy was finally being discarded, although he recognized that some servicemen and women might not agree.

Semper Fi: Brothers in arms are brothers indeed
Pueblo Chieftain - Oct 28, 2010

Leroy, 29, and now a city councilman, is the oldest, the trailblazer who decided his road to college went through the U.S. military and he'd always loved the Marine Corps uniform. He enlisted in the reserves in 2001 and was called to two years of active duty on 9/11, the darkest day in the war on terror.

5 named outstanding alumni at PCC
Pueblo Chieftain - Apr 30, 2010

The alumni awards will recognize distinguished people who graduated from PCC or its predecessor school, Pueblo Junior College, and have gone on to make a contribution in community, civic, philanthropic or social welfare efforts.

City Council barks back at noisy dogs
Pueblo Chieftain - Apr 20, 2010

City Councilmen Nawrocki and Leroy Garcia are attempting to organize a meeting with top city officials to discuss what to do about barking dogs that neighbors consider a nuisance.