Start of Session

Friends, family, and constituents,

I am finally settled in Denver!  It has been quite the transition from Pueblo to Denver.  The office is organized, I’ve got my committee assignments, including being appointed to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education Advisory Committee, and I’m ready to start working. 

After listening to speeches by Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino, Minority Leader Mark Waller, and Governor John Hickenlooper, and input from phone calls and e-mail, I know this will be a fun and exciting session.  However, aside from the fun, plenty of important work will get done that will help the citizens of Colorado. This will be an historic session for Colorado as we listen to a wide range of bill, many of which are already creating quite the frenzy here at the Capitol.  

I am currently working on three very important bills.

 HB13-1003 is my Economic Gardening bill which creates a pilot program in the Colorado Office of Economic Development.  This pilot program will train and certify the Small Business Development Center staff to provide assistance to companies in order to foster growth and create jobs here in Colorado.

Another bill I’m currently working on is my Fort Lyons bill which will attempt to provide a venue to repurpose the current facility.

 And the final bill I’m currently working on is HB13-1063 which certifies critical care paramedics in the state of Colorado who have the appropriate credentials. 

These are very important bills for my district as well as Colorado as a whole.  Let’s help grow jobs, let’s keep jobs for thousands of workers employed in Bent County, and let’s keep great paramedics employed right here in our great state. 


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