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Needed Pay Boost at CMHIP- Pueblo Chieftain- May 9, 2018 

Attracting Jobs to Rural Areas- Pueblo Chieftain- April 25, 2018

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Prison Beds: Colorado Lawmakers Looking for Cheaper Options- Pueblo Chieftain- March 10, 2018 

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Colorado Lawmakers Want Answers on Prison System's Inmate Math- Colorado Politics- February 23, 2018

Pueblo Library Reaches the Semifinals in National Contest- Pueblo Chieftain- February 20, 2018 

Bill Would Provide Secure First Responder Radios for Schools- Pueblo Chieftain- February 14, 2018 

Colorado Senate Democrats Want Baumgardner Expelled- Pueblo Chieftain- February 14, 2018 

Yay for the VA- Pueblo Chieftain- February 12, 2018

Colorado Senate OKs Request for New VA Hospital in Pueblo; House to Consider- Pueblo Chieftain- February 7, 2018 

Colorado Senate Dems Want in on Capitol Harassment Decisions- Pueblo Chieftain- February 7, 2018

Coloradans May Never Know Consequences After Sexual Harassment Investigations at Capitol- Aspen Public Radio- February 5, 2018

Southern Colorado Lawmakers to Push for Local V.A. Hospital- KOAA- February 3, 2018

Garcia, Esgar, Asking for VA Hospital for Pueblo- Pueblo Chieftain- February 2, 2018

Committee Approves Moving CIRLCE Program out of CMHIP- KOAA- January 24, 2018

Legislative Panel Agrees to Move Circle Program From Pueblo's Mental Hospital- Pueblo Chieftain- January 24, 2018

Colo. AMR Branch Reports Using Naloxone nearly 350 Times in 2017- EMS1.com- January 20, 2018

Reauthorize Colorado's Lottery Division- The Denver Post- January 18, 2018 

Reopen Circle Program- Pueblo Chieftain- January 17, 2018

Senator Garcia to introduce legislation for Circle Program-KOAA- January 15, 2018

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Colorado Lawmakers Taking up 6 Bills to Fight Heroin Crisis- Pueblo Chieftain- January 8, 2018

Colorado Pols React Swiftly to Denounce Sessions’ Anti-Marijuana Move- Pueblo Chieftain- January 4, 2018



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