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Keep Colorado State Fair in Pueblo- Pueblo Chieftain- November 11, 2017
Governor asking for raises for CMHIP staff- Pueblo Chieftain- November 4, 2017
State finding it hard to hire new CMHIP super- Pueblo Chieftain- November 3, 2017
Where's the urgency about CMHIP?- Pueblo Chieftain- October 24, 2017
Mexico's consul general promoting local trade- Pueblo Chieftain- September 21, 2017
JBC OKs pay hike for CMHIP nurses- Pueblo Chieftain- September 20, 2017
Hundreds gather to spread hope- Pueblo Chieftain- September 16, 2017
CMHIP asking lawmakers for emergency raises for nurses- Pueblo Chieftain- September 14, 2017
State hospital still treading water- Pueblo Chieftain- September, 9 2017
Colorado DHS agrees to Pueblo meeting about CMHIP- Pueblo Chieftain- September 8, 2017
Garcia gleefully skewered, roasted by colleagues- Pueblo Chieftain- September 8, 2017
Sen. Garcia receives award- Pueblo Chieftain- September 7, 2017
CMHIP still struggling with staff shortages- Pueblo Chieftain- September 1, 2017
Not Fair Play- Pueblo Chieftain- August 30, 2017
War on Eyesores, Weeds- Pueblo Chieftain- August 9, 2017
Tostada to Honor Garcia- Pueblo Chieftain- August 3, 2017 
State Hurrying to Find New Superintendent for CMHIP- Pueblo Chieftain- July 31, 2017
Garcia Addresses Pueblo NAACP Chapter- Pueblo Chieftain- July 8, 2017  
State Hospital Says It Has Fix-It Plan- Pueblo Chieftain- June 20, 2017 
Hospitals Thankful for Provider Fee Deal- Pueblo Chieftain- June 10, 2017 
Lawmakers Want Answers to CMHIP Staffing- Pueblo Chieftain- June 8, 2017 
CMHIP Closes Treatment Program Over Staffing- Pueblo Chieftain- June 6, 2017 
Guv Signs Bill Calling for Utility Bill Transparency- Grand Junction Daily Sentinel- May 22, 2017
Moms of Fallen Service Vets Honored- Pueblo Chieftain- May 21, 2017
Breaking the Stigma About Mental Illness- Pueblo Chieftain- May 13, 2017
Bipartisan Effort Working on Opioid Problem- The Pueblo Chieftain- April 29, 2017
Legislators Discuss Budget Proposals- Pueblo Chieftain- April 1, 2017
Garcia wants Black Hills, Xcel to pay assistance costs- -Pueblo Chieftain- March 24, 2017
CO: Senate Panel Passes Southwest Chief Bill- Mass Transit Magazine- Feb 15, 2017

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Amtrak Line Offers More Transport Options- Pueblo West View- July 18, 2017 
Garcia : Honoring veterans is a call to duty- Pueblo Chieftain- February, 9 2017 

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Lawmakers Consider Program to Combat Opioid Epidemic- CBS 4 Denver- February, 8 2017 
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