Campaign Kick-Off


I want to thank you for all your generous support these past two years as your State Representative. While in office I was able to do many great things for Pueblo.

The Southwest Chief Amtrak rail line is in the process of doing a study to see the viability of keeping that vital line running in Southern Colorado. Pueblo West will be the new home of Southern Colorado’s new Bureau of Investigation. The organization was looking at leaving our area and moving to Grand Junction or Denver, but I took the lead to ensure Pueblo workers will not lose these jobs that are so important to our community. Finally, I’ve fought, time and again, and will continue to do so to keep our Colorado State Fair right here in Pueblo, where it belongs. By investing in the Fair we can continue teaching generations to come about Colorado’s long history and heritage of being on the Western Frontier. Only with true leadership can Pueblo continue to have advocacy and have a voice when being represented at our State’s Capitol. As you know, I will be running for Senate District 3 here in Pueblo. Pueblo deserves real leadership in office. Pueblo deserves better.

As a Pueblo native who grew up on the East Side, I understand Pueblo, its values, and its people. This is why I’m running for Senate. This is going to be a tough race, but I’m ready for the challenge. You and I both know that special interest groups will be pumping money in Senator George Rivera’s campaign. We know the only way to win is to talk to voters face-to-face. With that being said, I can’t do this alone. It is up to us to make sure we knock on every door, make every phone call, and let everyone know why this upcoming election in November is critical for Pueblo. I hope many of you will not only support my efforts by voting in November but by volunteering any time you have to our campaign.



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