2016 Newsletter

The opening of the 70th General Assembly kicked off on January 13, 2016. I am excited to be back serving the people in Senate District 3.

The opening of the 70th General Assembly kicked off on January 13, 2016. I am excited to be back serving the people in Senate District 3. I will be working with my colleagues across the aisle to continue to bring forth legislation that is beneficial to Coloradans. I will be serving in my new capacity as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, along with my assignments on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, and Transportation Committee. To follow my progress check out the Colorado General Assembly website at: http://www.leg.state.co.us/
For the 2016 legislative session, I am working on a number of bills which include supporting: Community Paramedicine, State Patrol Facility, Courthouse Fiscal Responsibility, Emergency Medical Responder Registration, and Removing Restrictions on Promoting Business Development. 

SB16-069 “Community Paramedicine” passed unanimously in the Health and Human Services Committee. Community Paramedicine is an innovative internationally-proven solution to provide high quality primary care and preventative services by utilizing currently available often underused resources. With thirteen Colorado counties without hospitals, this bill would provide medicine for rural Colorado.
I am also working on SB16-109 “State Patrol Facility,” a bill that supports the renovation of the State Patrol building in Pueblo. The State Patrol building is in desperate need of a new facility and this bill will push for that to happen. State Patrol does so much in order to keep the community safe and, it is my duty to make sure they are equipped with the most efficient facility for them to do their job.
Furthermore, I am working on reintroducing SB16-060 “Courthouse Fiscal Responsibility,” a bill that I worked on last year to transfer the fiscal responsibility of court facility upkeep from the county to the state. With constant escalating burdens being placed on county governments in the areas of child welfare, protective services, elections, roads, and bridges many rural counties are struggling to keep pace with the fiscal responsibility to provide adequate court facilities, which is a sole responsibility of the state. SB16-60 recognizes the state’s fiscal responsibility and begins to rectify the situation.

I will be focusing on these issues in addition to many other pieces of legislation this session including: Veteran Affairs and Senior living concerns, Water Rights, Economy, Education, Transportation concerns involving Highway 50 and Interstate 25.

My staff and I are excited to get to work, and hear from you. 

Sharice Bass-Legislative Aide
Sharice has worked with me this past session and is now working with us full time. She is a recent graduate at the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Taryn Medina- Pueblo Office Intern
Taryn is a native of Pueblo. She is an intern from Pueblo West High School who is actively involved in the community including serving as a member in LULAC.

Gina Escobedo- CLLARO Fellow
Gina is a student at the University of Colorado Denver studying Economics and Political Science. 

Andrew Smalley- Legislative Intern 
Andrew is a student at the University of Denver. He is studying Political Science and has a broad range of legislative experience.

Raeannon Acosta- Legislative Intern
Raeannon is a student at the University of Colorado Denver studying Political Science. Her experience includes interning for Governor Hickenlooper last Spring.

I have a great team of hard-working individuals helping me this session. If my office can be of any assistance feel free to reach out by phone: (303)866-4878 or email: senleroygarcia@gmail.com. I am looking forward to an exciting session, there is a lot I am working on and I have a lot to share. I am excited to be back working for YOU!

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