2016 March Newsletter

Upcoming Event Dates
Legislative Breakfast April 16th at 8 am
Pueblo Convention Center, 320 Central Main St, Pueblo, CO 81003

With the 70th General Assembly now past the midway point, I am excited about the progress we have made and I look forward to what we can continue to accomplish. I have been actively working to promote change and opportunity for Pueblo and Southern Colorado. With us halfway through this session I am not planning on resting anytime soon.
HB16-1011 “Metro District Authority Promote Business Development” will promote business opportunities and growth in Pueblo West, Colorado City, and other Metro Districts. This legislation is a small, but important step that removes a barrier to business development and ultimately helps level the playing field. HB16-1011 passed 32-2 in the Senate and is off to the Governor's desk.
Since the last newsletter, the three following bills are still making their way through the process and are assigned to Senate Appropriations:
SB16-060 “Courthouse Fiscal Responsibility
SB16-069 “Community Paramedicine”
SB16-109 “State Patrol Facility”
 In The Process
One bill that I am excited to be working on with Rep. Esgar is HB16-1289 "Workforce Development," which will help Southern Colorado. The bill sets aside partisan differences to create a career development success pilot program to provide financial incentives for school districts to encourage 9-12 grade students to enroll in and complete identified industry-certificate, internship, and pre-apprenticeship programs.

In the next two weeks we have the largest and most difficult budgets to set. Billions of dollars are allocated to education, health care, human services, higher education, courts and corrections. One huge topic on the agenda this session is the hospital provider fee. It will continue to be an uphill battle to make the hospital fees an enterprise. Within the last few weeks the Colorado Attorney General took the time to come out with a thoughtful, formal opinion that shows we have a constitutional means to pass a balanced budget that supports issues Coloradans care about, like our classrooms and our bridges and roads.
I am encouraged by our recent success and looking forward to how much more we can accomplish this legislative session. As always, if my office can be of any assistance feel free to reach out via telephone: (303)-866-4878, or by email:senleroygarcia@gmail.com.
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